Weather Based Scheduling

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    One of the greatest challenges landscape professionals and homeowners face is determining how often and how long to water.

    weather-based-schedulingMost traditional scheduling methods rely on pre-set run times and intervals that don’t account for changes in weather, day length, plant type, or sprinkler application rates. As a result, most landscapes, although they appear attractive and healthy, are over-watered.

    One of the many services offered by the staff of Pacific Water Management is weather based irrigation scheduling. Using our precise scheduling formula we calculate a peak a run time for each station or zone and utilize the water budget feature, found on most controllers, to adjust for seasonal weather changes and day length. The weather based schedule you receive is created specifically for your site and contains all the information you need to put you on the path to greater water efficiency.

    Once the peak run times and irrigation intervals are established and fine tuned by our staff, the landscape manager simply has to adjust the water budget percentage each month, allowing the amount of water applied to the landscape to follow the historical water loss values for the site. The result, substantial water savings, an attractive and healthy landscape at a minimal cost!

    See an example of our Weather Based Schedule