Water Budgeting

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    By calculating the water requirements of each hydrozone, Pacific Water Management’s staff is available to develop a site specific landscape water budget that can be used to serve as guide for outdoor water use at either existing, or proposed sites.

    water-budgetingA water budget is a useful tool to demonstrate to clients the potential water savings resulting from modifications to the landscape, as well as improvements to the irrigation system. For large properties, water use can be tracked against the projected budget with the results summarized in a monthly or annual report.

    The process involves measuring the landscape area by plant type, estimating the application uniformity of each zone and determining the monthly water loss values (evapotranspiration) for the site. With the use of Pacific Water Management’s water budgeting software, clients can visualize how altering the square footage of the landscape, the plant palette, or improving the application uniformity of the irrigation system affects the overall site water use. Water efficiency recommendations unique to each site, are then evaluated for their water savings potential.