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    The last decade has produced a heightened awareness of water conservation in outdoor landscapes, the result of which has brought about new regulations, water efficient irrigation products, alternative water sources and the necessity to apply water more efficiently.

    Keeping pace with the many changes has provided new challenges for landscape and water conservation professionals. Recognizing the industry need, Pacific Water Management, an established leader in education and outreach programs, offers a variety of technical water management workshops created specifically for industry professionals.

    Choose a course from our workshop portfolio, or let us customize a training activity to fit your specific training needs. All of our workshops are designed to provide industry professionals with expert instruction on the newest irrigation products, water efficient irrigation design and water management practices. Attendees will receive hands on instruction, product samples, and a variety technical literature. For those Landscape professionals looking to increase their water management expertise the Qualified Landscape Water Manager program will provide the knowledge and technical training necessary to expand their services and generate additional revenue.

    In addition, the workshop training will prepare students for more advanced certification programs and each course has been approved by PLANET and the Irrigation Association for continuing education hours.

    The courses are taught by Certified Landscape Water Manager Bob Costa, who is an expert in landscape irrigation with years of industry experience. Bob’s teaching credentials include over 15 years as a part time turfgrass management and landscape irrigation instructor at Monterey Peninsula College.

    Water Management Workshops

    With water supplies stretched nearly to the limit in many regions, conserving water in outdoor landscapes is no longer an option, but rather an essential component of our current and future water conservation strategies.

    Qualified Landscape Water Manager

    Providing entry and experienced landscape professionals with comprehensive water management training with the objective of developing the skills necessary to manage water efficient landscapes.