Landscape Water Use Evaluations

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    An effective landscape water management plan should be broad in scope and employ a variety of water use strategies.

    Conditions such as the performance and management of the irrigation system, use of water conserving cultural practices and a landscape palette that balances the water requirements of the plants in the landscape should all be evaluated for their water conservation value.

    Performing a landscape water use evaluation is an effective way to assess the outdoor water use efficiency of irrigated landscapes, and is a valuable resource in developing a comprehensive plan to reduce water use and save money.

    The process developed by the staff at Pacific Water Management focuses on fourĀ areas; cultural practices and plant material selection, system design, system maintenance and system management. Particular attention is paid to the factors that affect application uniformity and scheduling, both of which are areas that commonly contribute to over-watering.

    The objective of a landscape water use evaluation is to evaluate each of these areas and summarize a list of recommendations that, when implemented, will result in measurable water savings. Clients will a receive a detailed written report, that includes a comprehensive site profile, an irrigation system performance summary, a list of water efficiency recommendations, a landscape water budget and an estimate of water savings. Each recommendation is evaluated based upon cost and prioritized for their water savings potential.

    Contact us and arrange for a no cost, no commitment site visit and a summary of the process we will use to develop a comprehensive landscape water management evaluation for your site.