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    Here are some of the ways Pacific Water Management can assist you in increasing the water use efficiency of your landscape:

    Evaluate the performance and water use efficiency of landscape irrigation systems

    • Provide an estimate of water savings and a ROI for system improvements
    • Evaluate planting palettes for water use efficiency
    • Develop comprehensive water conservation strategies and drought contingency plans
    • Develop landscape water use budgets and weather based irrigation schedules
    • Evaluate and certify the design and installation of landscape irrigation systems for plan compliance
    • Review irrigation design specifications for cities and municipalities
    • Install and program weather, or soil based control systems
    • Conduct landscape water conservation outreach and technical irrigation workshops

    WELO Audits

    Let our experienced staff assist you in meeting the requirements of the State Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance. Read More

    Water Use Evaluations

    An effective landscape water management plan should be broad in scope and employ a variety of water use strategies. Read More

    Weather Based Scheduling

    One of the greatest challenges landscape professionals and homeowners face is determining how often and how long to water. Read More

    Irrigation System Retrofits

    Today’s irrigation technology is rapidly changing. Products are being developed by irrigation manufacturers that deliver water more evenly. Read More

    Water Budgeting

    By calculating the water requirements of each hydrozone, Pacific Water Management’s staff is available to develop a site specific landscape water budget. Read More