Qualified Landscape Water Manager

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    QLWM Summary

    The Qualified Landscape Water Manager Program (QLWM) is designed to provide both entry and experienced landscape professionals with comprehensive water management training with the objective of developing the skills necessary to manage water efficient landscapes. The training features class instruction, product samples, demonstrations, as well as group and individual activities.

    Workshop sessions can be presented in both English and Spanish and those students who successfully complete all (6) sessions and pass the weekly quizzes will receive the designation of Qualified Landscape Water Manager. QLWM graduates are recognized in some locations by the Green Gardener Program, as well as on local water agency websites and may qualify for product discounting from supporting irrigation distributors

    What makes the QLWM program unique?

    • The curriculum is designed for entry and experienced landscape professionals which, compromise the majority of the landscape workforce. They also represent the segment of landscape professionals through which, the greatest water savings can be achieved
    • Its comprehensive water management training augments the certifications programs currently offered by the IA and CLCA
    • The training is available at a nominal cost
    • The training is bi-lingual

    What do QLWM Participants receive:

    • 21 hours of CEU’s recognized by the IA and PLANET
    • Irrigation product discounts (where applicable)
    • The knowledge and skills necessary to become effective landscape water managers
    • The knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete more specialized IA and CLCA certification programs
    • Exposure to local and state landscape water ordinances and regulations
    • Information on local rebate programs
    • Sample products and product literature
    • Water management resources including; local watering guides, scheduling, water budgeting and site audit templates and an inspection checklist.

    Contact the Pacific Water Management staff for more information on the success of the QLWM program and how your agency, or water district can sponsor QLWM training in your area.