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It is safe to say the way we manage water today and into in the future is rapidly changing.

Water districts, cities and municipalities find themselves trying to meet the need to comply and develop new regulations and ordinances governing storm water runoff and landscape water use, expand community outreach, develop rebate programs and improve existing landscape conservation programs. Finding the resources to manage these activities, in an economic climate that finds many public agencies forced to reduce the size of their staff, has further increased the challenge.
Pacific Water Managements broad base of services and experience working with Cities and water agencies can provide the leadership, guidance and technical support to assist your staff with these programs, as well as develop water conservation messaging that is clearly and effectively communicated throughout your community.

Our staff is capable of providing your agency with assistance in the following areas:

  • Training and technical support for conservation department staffs
  • Water management training for landscape maintenance teams
  • Water conservation messaging and outreach programs
  • Water use evaluations at schools, parks and public spaces
  • Environmental pollution programs
  • Landscape water conservation regulations
  • Water budgeting and outdoor water use tracking
  • Landscape water use evaluations
  • Landscape rebate programs

Contact us and let’s discuss how we can assist your staff in meeting the water use challenges facing your agency and community.