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With the cost of water steadily on the rise, improving outdoor water use efficiency is an effective long term strategy to help manage both current and future water costs at large residential properties.

Excessive water use in large landscapes can often go undetected, and commonly occurs as a result of many factors. Design deficiencies, deferred system maintenance, and poor scheduling; just to name a few, all contribute to inefficient water use and if left unchecked will result in inflated water bills.

The services offered by Pacific Water Management are designed to identify, through a comprehensive irrigation system evaluation and site analysis, a wide range of water conservation strategies. Clients are presented with a summary of water saving recommendations accompanied by a detailed cost analysis, which examines the ROI of the various alternatives. Our commitment is to work closely with your landscape maintenance team to ensure that the water conservation measures you select are properly implemented, and the cost savings objectives are realized.

Our Certified Water Conservation Manager is qualified to develop comprehensive site water management plans; irrigation and maintenance schedules, perform system audits, develop water budgets, track water use, as well as conduct landscape irrigation training for your staff.

Our goal is to help you save money. Contact us and arrange for a no cost, no commitment site visit and a summary of the process we will use to develop a comprehensive landscape water management plan for your site.