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With regional water supplies stretched nearly to the limit and the cost of water on the rise, conserving water in commercial landscapes is an effective community strategy to reduce outdoor water use.


Responding to these challenges by improving the water use efficiency at your site, not only helps you manage your expenses and save money, but improves the appearance of your landscape, significantly adding to your properties value.

A comprehensive landscape water use evaluation, conducted by the staff of Pacific Water Management, is an effective way to assess the water use at your commercial site. Our process isn’t limited to simply recommending a conversion of your landscape to low water use plants, but rather focuses on a combination of strategies to achieve measurable water savings, while improving the appearance of your property.

At the completion of the landscape water use evaluation, our staff will present you with a summary of recommendations, which we’ll review and evaluate for their water savings potential. In addition, we will provide you with a site water budget that can be used to project future water savings and determine your return on investment.

We can work directly with your landscape maintenance staff to ensure the conservation measures you select are properly implemented, or assume all water management tasks, allowing them to focus on their core maintenance activities.

In many cases, simply retrofitting existing irrigation systems with water saving devices can produce significant water savings. Pacific Water Managements Irrigation Specialist can assist you in choosing and installing the right products and direct you to available product rebates reducing you’re out of pocket cost.

When it comes to managing your irrigation system, our Certified Water Conservation Manager can develop a weather based irrigation schedule that matches the application of water to the seasonal water needs of your plants, or install and program a smart controller, which automatically adjust irrigation schedules based upon soil moisture and weather conditions.

Contact us and arrange for a no cost, no commitment site visit and a summary of the process we will use to develop a comprehensive landscape water management plan for your site.