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    Pacific Water Management provides landscape water management consulting and outreach services to a wide range of clients.

    Our commitment is to decrease water use in outdoor landscapes, improve plant health and minimize environmental pollution, with the goal of reducing our client’s water related expenses.

    Our services focus on improving the water use efficiency of a site and include:

    • Performance evaluation of landscape irrigation systems
    • Water budgeting
    • Weather based irrigation scheduling
    • Site specific water management strategies
    • Plant material selection / cultural practices

    Our Landscape Architect’s extensive knowledge of local and regional plant material allows for a comprehensive evaluation of the water use characteristics of existing landscapes, as well as the development of new planting palettes that achieve the goal of water savings.

    If irrigation system upgrades are in order, our Irrigation Specialist is available to ensure that the water saving components we recommend are properly selected and installed and controller and weather based irrigation schedules are accurately programmed to ensure maximum water savings.

    Pacific Water Management also offers one of the most comprehensive water management outreach programs in California, designed exclusively for both entry level and experienced landscape professionals. Training programs can be customized to meet the needs of water agencies, professional associations and landscape management staff’s.

    In addition, our staff has the expertise to certify the design and installation of landscape irrigation systems for permit compliance, as well as review irrigation design specifications for cities and municipalities.

    Bob Costa

    Bob Costa

    Certified Water Conservation Manager

    Bob Costa’s passion for horticulture spans over a twenty 27 year professional career.

    His vast experience in the turfgrass and landscape profession, as well as an irrigation auditor, has provided him with a working knowledge of irrigation system design, operation and management, as well as a practical understanding of plant water relationships. He is able to translate his water management knowledge into effective water efficient strategies for his clients.

    Bob is currently certified by the Irrigation Association as a Water Conservation Manager and Landscape and Golf Course Irrigation Auditor. Pacific Water Management is also recognized by the EPA as a WaterSense partner.

    In addition, Bob serves as the Turfgrass Management and Irrigation instructor at Monterey Peninsula College and as an instructor in the Green Gardener Program. He has developed numerous accredited technical irrigation and water management workshops for water agencies, landscape management companies and municipalities.

    During his career Bob has authored numerous technical articles on turfgrass management and has appeared on television and radio ads as a spokesperson for California American Water and the Green Gardener Program.

    Marion Weaver

    Marion Weaver

    Landscape Architect

    Pacific Water Managements ability to maximize our client’s landscape water savings in both existing and proposed landscapes settings requires a detailed evaluation of plant water use, as well as the use of non- irrigated landscape features.

    Few are more qualified to perform this task than our California licensed Landscape Architect Marion Weaver.

    Marion’s extensive experience and formal training qualifies her to assess the landscape water requirements of each site, propose alternatives and present to our clients a revised landscape plan with a projected water use budget that effectively communicates the potential water savings.

    Amongst her many contributions to the Pacific Water team, Marion has the unique ability to approach every project with the goal of creating healthy, functional yet beautiful outdoor spaces with conservation of water and energy resources in mind. Her ability to blend the water use characteristics of plant material in her designs offers our clients an attractive alternative to traditional moderate to high water use landscapes.

    Marion’s extensive qualifications include: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional, Build it Green Certified Professional and American Rain Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) workshop training.

    Gabriel Ramirez

    Gabriel Ramirez

    Irrigation Specialist

    As a licensed contractor since 1994, Gabriel Ramirez brings 18 years of landscape and irrigation management experience to the Pacific Water Management team.

    Gabriel, who recently achieved his Associate of Science degree in Ornamental Horticulture, is able to combine his formal education with his field knowledge, providing our clients with an unparalleled level of service and professionalism.

    Gabriel expertise is his ability to assess the performance of irrigation systems, retrofit existing systems with water saving products, install and program Smart irrigation controllers and effectively implement landscape improvements that improve the water use balance of a site.

    Gabriel’s commitment to continuing education has provided him with the knowledge and understanding of the most innvoative water saving landscape products and water conservation strategies. His practical experience and field perspective are a valuable asset to Pacific Water Management clients.