Dig it or All Wet – The Pro’s and Con’s of Subsurface Drip

Subsurface drip irrigation is an emerging technology with exciting water savings potential. This article summarizes both the advantages and disadvantages of subsurface drip irrigation and identifies various applications where it may be a suitable alternative to traditional overhead irrigation – read more

What Makes you Think Your controller is So Smart?

Smart controllers have become a major hot topic in the landscape industry and represent a bright future for irrigation. This article explores how weather based sensors function – read more

MP Rotators – A Water Conservation Device for Turf and Landscape Irrigation

Much has been made about the efficiency of multi stream multi trajectory rotary nozzles, particularly when compared to fixed spray nozzles. This article highlights their many features and illustrates what makes the MP rotator a water conservation device and a viable alternative to fixed spray nozzles. – read more

Precision Series Spray Nozzles

This technical document reviews and summarizes the results of  several independent 3rd party  studies, which compares the performance of Toro precision spray series nozzles to multi stream multi trajectory rotary nozzles – read more

Create an Optimum Irrigation Schedule

When it comes to water management, one of the biggest challenges landscape professionals face is determining how long and how often to water. This article takes you through the process required to develop an optimum irrigation schedule that meets the individual water needs of the plants in your landscape – read more

Reference ET chart

This chart provides both monthly and annual historical reference ET values for 20 geographical regions in California. It is a valuable resource for determining a sites water budget or for irrigation scheduling purposes. – read more