Bob Costa – Certified Water Conservation Manager

Bob Costa’s passion for horticulture spans over a twenty 27 year professional career.

His vast experience in the turfgrass and landscape profession, as well as an irrigation auditor, has provided him with a working knowledge of irrigation system design, operation and management, as well as a practical understanding of plant water relationships. He is able to translate his water management knowledge into effective water efficient strategies for his clients.

Bob is currently certified by the Irrigation Association as a Water Conservation Manager and Landscape and Golf Course Irrigation Auditor. Pacific Water Management is also recognized by the EPA as a WaterSense partner.

In addition, Bob serves as the Turfgrass Management and Irrigation instructor at Monterey Peninsula College and as an instructor in the Green Gardener Program. He has developed numerous accredited technical irrigation and water management workshops for water agencies, landscape management companies and municipalities.

During his career Bob has authored numerous technical articles on turfgrass management and has appeared on television and radio ads as a spokesperson for California American Water and the Green Gardener Program.